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Burrow farm is situated on the National Trust’s Killerton Estate, on the outskirts of Broadclyst, near Exeter. We started farming here as tenant farmers in 2007. The farm has been part of the National Trust's Killerton Estate since 1842.

Burrow farm is now a dairy farm having been an arable and beef farm for many years.  Our 350 acre farm is growing lush clovers and grass for all our animals to eat.  We have 250 cows, milked twice a day early in the morning and during the afternoon. Our cows are out in the fields grazing the meadows along the River Clyst nearly all year. We are committed to farming sustainably and encouraging wildlife on to our farm. Our farm has been part of an Environmental Stewardship scheme funded by Natural England for many years.

We have had a small number of storage containers on site for our own use for a number of years. Our convenient location and quiet accessible site lead to us being approached by businesses and locals alike looking for storage solutions and Killerton Self Storage was born!

Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality storage in a secure location at an affordable price.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your storage requirements.

Neil and Sally Grigg


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